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I thought it was a wonderful (and unexpected) gesture of appreciation. Much talked about within the team creating a strong, positive impact on how people think about Seek. Impact 95% of staff said it had either a positive or strong positive impact on how valued and appreciated they felt.

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Thank you so much the thought that was evident in the selection of options of the gifts just reminded me why I am excited to join APA. A culture that is very thoughtful and caring Impact 94% of staff said it has a strongly positive impact on their perception of APA

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Thank you to the Quantium team for organising this gift. I feel very grateful to be joining an impactful organisation with a positive culture, and I am very excited to join as a graduate next year! NPS Rating 8.8/10 The satisfaction level among gift recipients was highly positive, resulting in an average NPS rating of 8.8/10.

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