Our commitment to sustainable gifting

At Elliephant we are committed to leaving the world a better place and giving back to our local communities.

A Reduced Footprint

Products in our marketplace get sent directly to the recipient from the vendor and not to a central warehouse first. This minimises emissions caused by unnecessary shipping. We also ship from local vendors.

Sustainable Vendors

We partner with like minded organisations committed to giving back to the planet.

Leave a large impact and small footprint

Gift more meaningful gifts with impact, so unwanted gifts don’t end up in landfill.

Encouraging gift campaigns that inspire impact

Gift campaigns inspired to raise awareness around societal issues, help recipients learn and grow.

Our Initiatives

Our sustainability initiatives

Elliephant partners with Wilderlands to protect precious Australian biodiversity.


Elliephant’s collaboration with Wilderlands will secure some of the world’s first voluntary biodiversity units which promise permanent protection of one square metre plots of land and 20 years of active management within high ecological value projects across Australia.