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Data-driven gifting for maximum impact

Elliephant is the leading solution for boosting conversions, strengthening sales pipeline, enhancing client engagement, speeding up onboarding, and evaluating the effectiveness of each campaign.


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Amplify the attention of your target audience with a gifting campaign to increase brand awareness, drive sales and boost engagement.

Automate your gifting to boost engagement and retention. Integrate your CRM or HR tool and send automated gifts for anniversaries, contract renewal, birthdays, onboarding and more.

Send memorable gifts with ease. Send customised gifts direct, via email or url to 1 or 10,000 people in one transaction.

Elliephant easily integrates with your tech stack. Enabling you to seamlessly automate the moments that matter for your clients and employees.

Ensuring visibility and consistency of spend across the business. Add credit to your account to create and set budgets for your teams.

Understand your prospects, clients and employees better with AI enabled profiling to suggest gifts which hit the mark, every time.
Gain visibility into upcoming events with key moments automatically added into the calendar with timely reminders. Add custom dates & events to make sure you never forget a moment again.

We have carefully curated a range of different gifts to suit all types of occasions and price points from leading brands. We have you covered for physical, digital and experiential gifts.

Engage your prospects, clients and employees with a meaningful gift of choice – let them pick their favourite from a collection of curated options.

How we Deliver Impact

Discover How To Create Unforgettable Experiences For Prospects And Customers, Enchancing Engagement And Retention Throughout Their Journey


Build deeper connections with gifting

Elliephant seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stacks, creating personalised and impactful gifting campaigns that build deeper relationships while providing unparalleled visibility into your spending and ROI

Elliephant Advantage

Maximising ROI with Integrations. From Salesforce to HubSpot, Elliephant plays with your favourite tools.

Seamless Connectivity

Integrate Elliephant with your existing tools and enjoy a synchronised, streamlined gifting process

Automating Key Milestones

Never miss a milestone again. By harnessing the power of your existing tech stack, Elliephant keeps track of essential dates, from client anniversaries to employee birthdays.

Up-to-Date Data

Say goodbye to outdated spreadsheets and manual updates. Your gifting campaigns are fueled by the most current data, eliminating discrepancies and ensuring accuracy.

Streamlined Operations

Integrate, set, and forget. With Elliephant, the complexities of corporate gifting are simplified. Our platform manages the heavy lifting, allowing your teams to focus on what they do best.

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