The beginning of the end for bulk cold emailing.

February 7, 2024

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Everyday there are approximately 361 billion emails sent across the globe.

That’s 45 emails for every person alive today, or 78 emails for every person who actively uses an email account.

Of this 361 billion, over half of them are being deleted before they are read, or within 3 seconds of being opened.

The environmental impact of this wasted internet space is another story on its own.

Google + Yahoo Crackdown

As February 2024 rolls in, so do Google and Yahoo’s latest measures against bulk/spam emails. 

In October 2023, these two tech giants shook up the digital marketing landscape with a decisive move against spam emails and now we are in the thick of it.

As we navigate this new terrain, it’s evident that traditional outreach methods are no longer sustainable. In fact in 2024, spammy outreach has never been worse, thanks to the power of Generative AI and outreach tools. Along with the ease in which they can be implemented into the sales process.

Above all, one thing is clear: traditional, outdated outreach methods are no longer cutting it. With spam emails on the rise and email marketing evolving, it’s time for a fresh approach that resonates with today’s audience.

It’s time to get creative

In a global selling environment that is becoming more crowded than ever, you can find unlimited value in being able to differentiate your value proposition and cut through all of the noise.

When it comes to marketing + sales, one of the unique ways you can stand out from the crowd and humanise the connection between yourself and your potential customers is through the use of gifting intelligence.

Using gifting intelligence platforms like Elliephant has been proven to:

  • Generate 9x higher response rates in the outreach process
  • Increase demo show-rates by over 15%
  • Generate a 480% ROI, AND
  • Increase close rates by 5x

These are foreign statistics when you compare them to the ‘sometimes hit, but most likely miss’ method of bulk cold emailing.

Not only is gifting an innovative sales tool, you can continue using it throughout all of your customer touchpoints, from onboarding to retention and upsells.

For those that missed the new rules

For anyone currently out of the loop, here is our quick summary of the changes:

Who do the new rules apply to?

Any individual or organisation using Google or Yahoo email accounts, who send more than 5,000 emails in a day, regardless of the nature of the emails.

What are the new rules?

There are 3 major new rules:

  1. Email Authentication: Senders must authenticate their emails using to ensure legitimacy. Failure to authenticate may result in bounced emails or being marked as spam.
  2. Enable Easy Unsubscription: Recipients should have the option to unsubscribe from unwanted emails with a single click, and senders are required to process these unsubscribe requests within a two-day timeframe.
  3. Spam Rate: Senders must maintain their spam rates at or below 0.3%, equivalent to no more than 3 spam messages per 1,000 emails sent.

What happens if you don’t comply with the new rules?

  1. Best case scenario, all emails from the organisation are marked as spam and likely will not make it to the inbox of the intended recipient.
  2. Worst case scenario, your domain is blacklisted and all outgoing emails will fail to reach the intended recipient at all.

What’s to come?

These restrictions are here to stay and they will only become increasingly strict. 

Towards the latter part of 2024, we expect to see further crackdowns on spam emails coupled with a changed mindset from Sales, Marketing & Go-To-Market professionals.

In times of change, innovation tends to flourish. This instance will be no different –  those who can innovate the fastest will surge ahead of the curve, setting themselves up for success.

Those who lag behind, well, they’ll be left behind, along with spam outreach and the more than 180 billion emails that are deleted before they are opened everyday.

You can read official announcements from Google and Yahoo here, straight from the horse’s mouth.

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