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Here is a collection of featured articles from our site but also from around the interwebs. See what people are saying about us.

Mastering Personalisation: A Blueprint for Success in 2024

  In the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing, personalisation has emerged as a cornerstone strategy for both B2C and B2B sectors in 2024. With advancements in AI and sophisticated marketing technologies, creating tailored experiences for customers has become more attainable than ever before. Recognition by Industry Leaders Forbes predicts that personalisation at scale will rank among the top 10 business trends for 2024, underscoring its significance in the marketplace. Similarly, PWC identifies personalisation as one of the top 4 priorities

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The beginning of the end for bulk cold emailing.

Everyday there are approximately 361 billion emails sent across the globe. That’s 45 emails for every person alive today, or 78 emails for every person who actively uses an email account. Of this 361 billion, over half of them are being deleted before they are read, or within 3 seconds of being opened. The environmental impact of this wasted internet space is another story on its own. Google + Yahoo Crackdown As February 2024 rolls in, so do Google and

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Featured Case Study on Wilderlands website

Recently, Wilderlands featured us on their website as a recent case study. We worked with Wilderlands to test the concept of Biological Diversity Unit Gifting with a small number of our clients. We worked to develop a bundle of 30 Biological Diversity Units ($100 value) which promises to permanently protect and actively manage a patch of vulnerable Australian habitat across four high-conservation value projects across Australia. The units were then presented as an option alongside 6 to 7 other products

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Featured Article in the Startup Daily

It’s a huge day at Elliephant, as we are featured in the Startup Daily sharing the news of our pre-Seed round. A massive congratulations to our incredible Elliephant team for building such an awesome solution. We are only 1 year into our journey and so very proud of what we have built and are beyond excited to continue to scale up and create even more of an impact for organisations in APAC. Thank you also to our current investors who

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Featured Article in

We were recently featured in We were highlighted as 1 of 11 companies “set to grow with fresh funding” Read all about it here –

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